Once a year, we recommend taking a hearing test if you have a current hearing problem or are over 60. Quick and non-invasive, here's what to expect from a hearing test with us. 

A consultation

The first step is to meet with us, and we will ask you several questions to understand your hearing situation better. Because the list of causes for hearing loss is so long, information will be sought to rule out genetic causes. We'll also want to know if you've lately been exposed to loud noises. Finally, we'll ask what medications you're taking, as some drugs can cause hearing loss. 

Ear examination

A routine physical examination with an otoscope follows the consultation. An otoscope is a piece of medical equipment that looks like a mix between a flashlight and a microscope and is used to examine your ear canal for obstructions or injuries. The process takes only a few minutes and is minimally intrusive.

The hearing tests

It's now time to take the hearing tests. They are performed in a quiet area to filter out any external disturbances which could affect test results. You'll be given headphones with wires hanging off of them that are attached to an audiometer gadget.

We will begin with a pure-tone test. You will hear noises with changing frequencies and loudness in one or both ears during this test. You push a button once you hear a sound. 

A speech recognition test is also performed. This test requires you to repeat what has been said after hearing short clips of people speaking. These tests are used to determine the extent of any existing hearing loss, as well as your ability to manage acute high frequencies and booming low frequencies. Following these two main tests, there may be other examinations to perform.

Analyzing your results

Following your testing, your results will be displayed on an audiogram, a visual depiction of your hearing ability. The results of your speech recognition test are presented as a percentage. Following the results, we will assist you with interpreting them and making treatment recommendations (if any). This is an excellent opportunity to inquire about what to expect in the future and how your family can assist you if you do have hearing loss. It will take around an hour to complete the process.

It's always worthwhile to get a hearing test done, whether the results are favorable or unfavorable. If the results are negative, you will have the confidence to carry on with your life as usual and we will offer you helpful information to help you preserve your hearing abilities. If the test reveals hearing loss, then this knowledge will give you the best chance of securing the right treatment. 

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I was so excited to get my hearing aids! I was surprised when I found out they were Bluetooth enabled, it was awesome. I was treated great by the staff and really enjoyed being there! I can now hear my grandchildren when they talk to me. I will always be thankful for that!

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This was my first visit to HSC. I appreciate the fact that HSC carries four top brands and repairs them as well. Service is prompt and friendly; professional but not distant. I appreciate the fact that time was taken to answer my questions. I'll be back for my next set of aids.  

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I have been extremely happy with HSC.  They have taken great care of me, helping me get the right hearing aids, working with my insurance, ensuring that the hearing aids work properly and closely monitoring my hearing.  Dr. Gosu is a pleasure to work with.

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