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Goutham Gosu, FAAA, CCC-A

Goutham Gosu, FAAA, CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Goutham Gosu has been practicing Audiology for the past 18 years and specializes in pediatric and adult hearing healthcare. He completed his graduate degree at Ohio University and received his doctorate in Audiology from AT Still University. Dr. Gosu is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA). Dr. Gosu is a member of the MasterMind program through Entre Audiology, a Dr. Cliff Approved Provider, and one of the Top 3 Rated Audiologists in Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Gosu truly enjoys working with his patients and their families and takes immense satisfaction in finding solutions for their listening needs. He believes in four foundation stones to achieve the best solution possible for each individual client. Education, Patient-centered approach, evidence-based best practices, and follow-up care.  Education and a patient-centered approach help make the best choice of amplification by identifying the root cause, unique challenges, and lifestyle. Evidence-based best practices (real-ear verification, device-specific measurements, treatment validation, etc.) help Dr. Gosu to achieve the peak hearing performance with the amplification chosen for the individual patient.  Continuous follow-up care to make sure the devices are performing at their peak in achieving the best hearing performance for each individual client.

Dr. Gosu is excited to bring this level of patient care to all of his patients at Hearing Solution Center in Charlotte, NC  and by joining Dr. Cliff Approved Provider Network, he hopes to distinguish himself as one of the many audiologists who truly values Best Practices as much as Dr. Cliff Olson. 

In his personal time Dr. Gosu enjoys casual dining with his wife, hiking with his two daughters, and their dog; and always a good glass of scotch.

Pond the Boston

Pond the Boston
Office Greeter

Pond has been practicing the art of hospitality for a little over 2 years. She can typically be found sleeping in the front office, attempting to file insurance claims, or more than likely giving all of her attention to anyone who will look at her. Pond’s favorite hobbies include playing with her toys, snuggling into blankets, and ignoring e-mails.