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Using your Hearing Aids with a Smartphone

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Hearing aids have come a long way since their inception in 1987. Thanks to technological advances, hearing aids have become smaller, more affordable and incredibly accessible thanks to all of the professional audiologists and hearing aid manufacturers in the country. This means that hearing loss no longer has to be a condition that prevents you from achieving your life goals or doing a good job in the workplace. Hearing aids can provide countless benefits that will improve our social life, assist with our career and ultimately make us feel more confident and independent.

However, as technologies improve and our lifestyles change, the way we use our hearing aids can also change. For instance, the introduction of smartphones into our daily lives means that we usually need to take off our hearing aids in order to answer a call, and it can be fairly frustrating to constantly take them on and off. It might also be difficult to listen to music or watch videos on your smartphone because you need to switch between using headphones and your hearing aids. This can be trouble for a lot of people and they often have to decide between using hearing aids or forgoing them in order to make the most of their smartphone.

Thankfully, new hearing aids are able to work together with your smartphone to provide a seamless solution.

Using your smartphone with hearing aids

Many hearing aids can now connect to your smartphone, offering you many unique benefits that can make a huge difference to how you use your hearing aids, especially if you’re someone that uses their smartphone on a regular basis.

Some examples of these features include:

  • Answering phone calls with your hearing aids
  • Playing audio through your hearing aids, such as music, games or directions
  • Adjusting your hearing aid’s profiles with your smartphone
  • Finding hearing aids that you’ve lost
  • Checking the battery status of your hearing aids

As you can see, hearing aids that can pair with smartphones function very similarly to a wireless pair of headphones. They provide surprisingly good sound quality; they have plenty of customizable functions and they are convenient to use.

However, all of these advanced features do come at a higher cost. Since these hearing aids are packed with more technology, it’s expected that they cost more than standard hearing aids. When considering their practicality, it can be well worth the cost to invest in a pair of hearing aids that can pair with your smartphone, especially if you find yourself using your smartphone a lot.

Hearing aid and smartphone compatibility

Luckily, smartphone-enabled hearing aids don’t require you to have a specific phone or device in order to use them. In fact, they use Bluetooth, a universally accepted wireless standard that is used for everything from keyboards to headphones.

This means that your phone, regardless if it’s an Android or Apple, can connect with wireless-enabled hearing aids. If you don’t consider yourself as a tech-savvy person, you should consider speaking to your audiologist about how to use your wireless hearing aids and if their recommendation will be suitable for your phone. Although Bluetooth is a standard that is compatible with all devices, you may experience some differences when it comes to smartphone app compatibility and certain features may be absent if you aren’t using the device on the recommended operating system.

This is why it’s important to speak to your audiologist for more information regarding the wireless-enabled hearing aids that you’ve chosen. We suggest listening to your audiologist for advice on which Bluetooth hearing aids to pick so that you run into fewer issues and can grow accustomed to their use more quickly.

Picking the right smartphone-compatible hearing aids

There are many different features to consider before you choose a smartphone-compatible hearing aid. We suggest speaking to a trusted audiologist for more information, but doing your own research is never a bad idea and we highly recommend it especially if you’re looking to invest in a long-term Bluetooth hearing aid solution to make using a smartphone with your hearing aids easier.

If you’d like to learn more information, then don’t hesitate to contact us at 704-912-4422 to speak to one of the friendly advisors at Hearing Solution Center. We’d be more than happy to give you a helping hand when it comes to picking the right wireless-enabled hearing aids, and we’re also willing to help you book a consultation with one of our trained audiologists if you’d like to try out different pairs of Bluetooth hearing aids and to receive impartial and professional advice on how to choose the right pair.