Starkey is a proudly American company but has offices in 18 different countries. The company is dedicated to bringing people together and changing lives through hearing health.

Starkey has announced their new Evolv AI hearing aid, representing a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. What sets the Evolv Ai apart from their previous flagship hearing aid (the Livio AI) is its capacity to track users' brain and body wellness using artificial intelligence. Aside from these innovations, the Starkey Evolve AI delivers the same degree of sound quality you would expect from the hearing aid manufacturer, with a 40% reduction in noise energy over previous technology.

Starkey Sound

Starkey Evolv AI is based on Starkey Sound, a groundbreaking technology developed through years of study and science-based algorithms to power high-fidelity audio that mimics the human auditory system. The sound is designed to automatically remove background noise and enhance voice audibility and intelligibility with machine learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

With the Evolv AI, artificial intelligence provides industry-leading sound processing. A single tap analyzes your environment and adjusts settings to assist you when you need it most. Fifty-five million automated adjustments are made every hour to ensure a realistic and accurate sound experience in all listening situations. This helps you understand speech even in noisy surroundings.

Bluetooth compatibility

Evolv AI brings together artificial intelligence and Starkey's most advanced connectivity to date. You'll be able to accomplish more with your phone than ever before, thanks to improved connectivity for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

The Thrive App

The Thrive app provides an individualized daily Brain Score based on how much time you spend using the Evolve AI hearing aids per day, how much time you spend socializing, and how much time you spend active listening. Your total Thrive Wellness Score is calculated using the Brain Score and the Body Score. This unique software will offer suggestions based on the collected data and the Thrive Wellness Score to assist you in staying on track with your daily physical and cognitive health goals.

The Evolv AI product range also includes the following features:

  • Edge Mode: Simply a double-tap of the Evolv AI hearing aids creates game-changing sound in the most challenging listening settings. Edge Mode can also improve voice audibility when listening to a speaker wearing a face mask.
  • TeleHear Remote Programming: You can fine-tune your hearing aid from anywhere using TeleHear Remote Programming. By virtually connecting with your hearing professional, you can make remote adjustments to your hearing aids.
  • Rechargeable option: Rechargeable hearing aids are also an option, including the first bespoke 2.4 GHz rechargeable hearing aids.

These hearing aids are designed to produce authentic and natural sound, no matter what listening environment you're in. We recommend this Evolve AI if you're seeking a top-of-the-line hearing experience. If you think the Starkey Evolv is suitable for you, please contact us for help and answers to any questions you might have.

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