Hearing Aid Stigmas Need to Be Obsolete

Hearing aid stigmas need to go for many reasons. The top reason to shake off the negatives associated with getting help for loss of hearing is that hearing loss is gradual, insidious, and permanent for most adults.

Hearing Aid Stigmas Need to Be Obsolete

Unfortunately for millions of people in the U.S. and around the world, stigma is associated with hearing loss. A stigma is a “mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance.” Whatever happened in the past to make it preferable to lose hearing rather than wear hearing aids is as outdated as the telegraph system used for communication before telephones were invented. Hearing aid stigmas need to go for many reasons. The top reason to shake off the negatives associated with getting help for loss of hearing is that hearing loss is gradual, insidious, and permanent for most adults.

A very outdated stigma

Even though hearing is an essential sensory function, it is among the most common sensory deficits that people experience. Loss of hearing should be treated as consistently as vision problems, but that is a far cry from what actually happens. Some stigmas associated with hearing loss began hundreds of years ago. Other stigmas are more recent. Not enough have been lived down, even though there is every reason they should be eradicated. 

Prior to the mid-1700s, research shows that people who were deaf or had loss of hearing were considered to be learning-impaired and were also viewed with scorn, distaste, pity, and misunderstanding. There actually has been progress, since most people recognize that deafness does not imply limited intelligence or learning capacity in any way whatsoever.

Loss of hearing isn’t an “old age” issue

Perhaps the most pervasive of all hearing loss stigmas is related to age. It’s not uncommon for older persons with hearing loss to avoid getting hearing aids because they are concerned it will make them look older. This stigma is really like a bogus news story because people of every age experience loss of hearing. To be fair, however, the statistics regarding hearing loss show that about 1 in 3 individuals in the U.S. between 65 and 74 years of age has hearing loss. Among people 75 and older, almost half are hard of hearing. It is a more prominent condition among the elderly, but it’s a sensory problem shared by every age group.

Stigma related to hearing aid devices

When hearing aid devices that are inserted in the ear first came out, they weren’t as advanced as today. Many people found that the frustration of dealing with the hearing equipment wasn’t worth the ability to engage in conversations and better hear the world around them. Things have changed significantly over the years. Most hearing aid devices are digital. The problems originally experienced, which caused frustration, have been virtually eliminated. Advancements in technology continue, making it easier than ever to enjoy restored hearing after suffering hearing loss, if the problem is caught in time.

Many things in the world have changed drastically. Just think about computer technology and cell phones. It has been a few short decades since the Internet became available to the general public. Now most people stare at small computer screens throughout each day. An understanding about hearing loss has also evolved, as has hearing aid technology. It’s time to put stigmas aside and enjoy restored hearing.

Dr. Goutham Gosu has been practicing Audiology for the past 18 years and specializes in pediatric and adult hearing healthcare. He completed his graduate degree at Ohio University and received his doctorate in Audiology from AT Still University.

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