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Hearing Aid Technology: The Latest Innovations

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As technology continues to advance at high speed, there have been dramatic improvements in hearing aid functionality. With a variety of new features to look forward to, as well as improved sound quality, the latest innovations are enhancing the performance of hearing aids across the board.

To learn more about the possibilities new hearing aids can bring, take a look at the latest hearing aid tech and the best innovations now:

1. Battery-free hearing aids

If you’re tired of recharging your hearing aids or having a stock of batteries around, ask your audiologist about the latest battery-free models. New fuel cell technology uses a tiny methanol cartridge to produce electrical energy, which powers your hearing aid.

There are still a few details to iron out, such as whether fuel cell technology can be used on planes and what features these models can incorporate, and it’s not clear exactly which types of hearing aids will be the first to introduce this new technology. However, the move towards battery-free hearing aids is tantalizingly close and is sure to be welcomed by millions of people. 

2. Enhanced biometric sensors

Wearing a hearing aid with biometric sensors gives you a unique opportunity to monitor your overall health. While some manufacturers are already using them, new technology ensures biometric sensors are more accurate than ever.

With in-built sensors, your hearing aids can monitor your heart rate, energy levels, activity, R-R intervals and vital signs. Whether your hearing loss is related to other health conditions, or you just want to keep yourself in tip-top shape, hearing aids with biometric sensors will give you additional insight and control over your health. 

3. Artificial intelligence

Some hearing aid manufacturers are already using AI, but the technology is improving every day. Currently, machine learning AI is using data from millions of hearing aid wearers to enhance functionality, but newer forms of AI will offer an even better auditory experience.

Hearing aids with true AI will recognize your own preferences and usages, know when you move into a different environment, make automatic adjustments to improve sound quality and even predict when changes will need to be made. 

As one of the most exciting tech innovations ever, artificial intelligence will change the way we live, and it will certainly enhance the functionality and quality of hearing aids and health devices. 

4. Personal assistants

Traditionally, people wore hearing aids to help them hear better and to minimize the impact of hearing loss. With the latest technology, however, hearing aids will have a positive impact on every area of your life. 

Are you already using Siri or Google Assistant to make life easier? How about having them built into your hearing aids? Personal assistants are being integrated into existing hearing aid models and increasing their functionality dramatically. 

Want to check your schedule, make a reservation, or book a flight? No problem! You’ll be able to do it all with a personal assistant integrated into your hearing aids. Once they become standard, you won’t need to rely on an external device or separate personal assistant, as your hearing aids will deliver everything you need. 

5. Rechargeable in-ear hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are already extremely popular, but they aren’t available in every style or model. To date, in-ear hearing aids have typically all been powered by batteries. However, the popularity of rechargeable models in other styles has created a gap in the market.

Many people prefer in-ear hearing aids because they’re inconspicuous, while some people find they provide an enhanced quality of sound. With new technology ensuring that in-ear hearing aids can be recharged, they’re set to become even more popular.

With the ability to combine a custom-made, in-ear hearing aid with the ease and flexibility of a rechargeable unit, this could be one of the most popular innovations to hit the market. 

Talk to your audiologist about the latest hearing aid tech

As with all hearing aids, the latest innovations won’t necessarily suit your needs. You may be eager to try a rechargeable in-ear hearing aid but less fussed about having the latest biometric sensors, for example. By consulting with an experienced audiologist, you can find the perfect hearing aid to suit your personal preference and the type of hearing loss you’re experiencing.

To find out more about hearing aid tech or to discuss the latest models, why not get in touch with us? Call Hearing Solution Center at 704-912-4422 and learn more about how we can help you hear better with some of the best technology available.