Audiologist Goutham Gosu
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HearingUp Certified

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The HearingUp Provider certification means that Dr. Gosu has been verified to follow evidence-based best practices during hearing aid fittings. These best practices include verification measures like Real Ear Measurement and ensure better outcomes for our patients.

More than just hearing aids - hearing care is a treatment process

Only about 20% of hearing providers follow best practices  in audiology. Working  with an Audiologist  that follows best practices (just like Dr. Cliff does in his clinics) is the key to a life-transforming hearing care experience. Treating hearing loss properly is complex, and requires a provider willing to invest  the time  and resources in your optimal hearing results.

What our patients are saying

Google Reviews

I was so excited to get my hearing aids! I was surprised when I found out they were Bluetooth enabled, it was awesome. I was treated great by the staff and really enjoyed being there! I can now hear my grandchildren when they talk to me. I will always be thankful for that!

Google Reviews

This was my first visit to HSC. I appreciate the fact that HSC carries four top brands and repairs them as well. Service is prompt and friendly; professional but not distant. I appreciate the fact that time was taken to answer my questions. I'll be back for my next set of aids.  

Google Reviews

I have been extremely happy with HSC.  They have taken great care of me, helping me get the right hearing aids, working with my insurance, ensuring that the hearing aids work properly and closely monitoring my hearing.  Dr. Gosu is a pleasure to work with.

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