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What Causes Ringing in the Ears or Tinnitus?

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Many people all over the world experience tinnitus. Typically, the condition leaves a constant ringing, buzzing, or even a whirring sound in the ear of anyone who has it. For many people, it can be a cause of severe irritability. It may make cause you to lose sleep and can even bring about depression. 

In many cases, tinnitus is a condition that can be managed, so the effects may not be so bad. If you are someone that experiences this condition, then you should seek out the assistance of an audiologist at the earliest possible chance. If left for too long, you may find the effects worsen or cause you more issues. 

Understanding the root cause of your tinnitus is important as it will help to work out the ways in which it can be minimized or managed. Some underlying causes may be treatable in themselves, and as such, you will likely see an improvement in your symptoms. 

Is tinnitus curable?

At the moment, tinnitus is not curable. However, the condition can be managed in several different ways. Making an appointment for an assessment with your audiologist will enable them to understand your symptoms better and recommend the best relief method for your case of tinnitus.

What causes tinnitus?

There are many different causes of tinnitus. These can range from ear infections, through to high blood pressure. Both of these could possibly be treated, and as a result, you may see a reduction in the effects of this condition. 

For an ear infection, it may be helped by taking antibiotics and potentially having your ear wax loosened or syringed. 

If you have high blood pressure, then you will need to look at a lifestyle change. This will involve eating healthier foods, having less salt in your diet, drinking less alcohol, and exercising regularly. Reducing your blood pressure may take some time, and you may need to get the support of your doctor. If your symptoms persist, then your audiologist may help you further with the effects of tinnitus. 

Another cause of tinnitus could be an allergy. Dust, pollen and animals are all common allergens, which will cause problems within your ear, nose and throat. Over time, if left unmanaged, your allergies could start to cause problems with your hearing. In this instance, visit your doctor and look for the right treatment for your allergy. If it remains a problem, then your audiologist will be able to assist you further and may suggest a hearing aid to minimize the effects of the tinnitus. 

Other health issues may have brought on the tinnitus, which may not be treatable; these may include injuries to the head or the neck, sensorineural hearing loss or jaw problems. Some oxytocic medications can also bring about tinnitus, and in this instance, speak with your doctor and see if there is an alternative medication. 

Meniere’s disease can also cause tinnitus. This affects the inner ear and can affect hearing as well as balance.  

In occurrences where the underlying problem cannot be treated to reduce the tinnitus, then it may be possible to improve the quality of your hearing with a hearing aid. This will also help to soften the ringing that you may be experiencing.

Seeking help for your tinnitus

It is important that if you have tinnitus, you seek the help of an audiologist. Make an appointment, and they will be able to do a hearing test with you and find out lots of background information on your lifestyle and general health that will indicate the cause of your tinnitus. 

Having a hearing aid fitted is one very good option for helping you to deal with the effects of tinnitus. When the humming or ringing sound is smothering over everything else, a hearing aid will help you to hear properly through it all. 

You may also be able to have tinnitus retraining therapy. This is designed to reprogram the way that your brain prioritizes sounds by teaching it to ignore the buzzing. Usually, this is used in the severest of cases and in conjunction with the use of a hearing aid. 

White noise machines can also be helpful when dealing with tinnitus, and you may be able to reduce the effects of tinnitus by blocking out the buzzing sounds. 

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