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3 Reasons People Don't Get Hearing Aids and 3 Reasons They Should

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A huge segment of our U.S. population is going around with hearing loss but no hearing aids. It is common for people to gradually lose the hearing function and wait between 7 and 10 years to visit an audiologist. Why do people who need hearing aids not get them, and what are some consequences when they don’t? Three answers to both of these questions are below.

3 Top Reasons People Don’t Get Hearing Aids

There are a number of reasons people who know they need them don’t get hearing aids. While people with normal hearing typically don’t understand the resistance, avoiding treatment for hearing loss is the norm. The following are three of the most common misconceptions that lead people not to seek treatment for hearing loss:

  1. Getting treatment for hearing loss means getting hearing aids, and that’s like admitting you’re old. People of all ages experience hearing loss for a wide range of reasons. Simply the fact that you wear hearing aids does not mean you’re old.
  2. Hearing aids are not affordable. Hearing aids are more affordable now than they have ever been. The market for hearing aids has significantly changed in recent years. Anyone with hearing loss can probably find a way to get needed hearing aids, whether with some sort of financial aid or because the cost is lower than ever.
  3. Hearing aids don’t work well enough. It’s true that hearing aids of the past were often hardly worth the trouble. Advancements in technology have changed all of that. Hearing aids provide an experience that is closer than ever to being natural.

3 Top Reasons People Should Get Hearing Aids

The many people who feel justified in not getting hearing aids, whatever the reason, probably don’t realize various risks involved with the loss of hearing. The following are three of the top reasons that a person with hearing loss should get hearing aids:

  1. Hearing loss affects more than just the function of discerning what people are saying. The ear has a part in balance. Anyone who suffers from hearing loss is more at risk for falling.
  2. Studies show, alarmingly, that hearing loss doubles and sometimes triples the risk of suffering from dementia.
  3. The hearing nerves, when deprived of sound, become weak. They atrophy and make recovery of hearing loss through the use of a hearing aid more difficult, if not impossible. Auditory deprivation is one of the reasons a person with hearing loss should make an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible.

Hopefully, more and more people who suffer from hearing loss will learn just how costly it can be to avoid needed treatment. Hearing aid devices are better than ever, and they contribute to overall health in many important ways. For anyone with hearing loss, now is the best time to schedule an appointment with an audiologist.